The first riddims and loops were created in 1989, where Cris and Mike lived in a apartment-sharing community in south Germany. At that time the budget was very very low and the instruments used were connected using hand soldered wires. Also the mixer we had was adding the typical bmd noise at that time. Inspired by the dub reggae and drum and bass scene bmd was somewhere in the middle of it. The goal was to combine both worlds and come with a unique bmd sound.

It was also the time when bmd was producing mainly two different styles of tunes and it was very difficult to put them together on one album. It took a beautiful summer trip in our old Volkswagen T3 bus to understand what needs to be done. The result was to do something what is also some kind of unique in the music scene. We decided to go with bmd, a mixture of drum&bass and dub reggae and the more dramatic, melancholic lyric driven section we called scaramanga.

Our new Studio (at least the room was new compared to the "fishbowl" we produced our first tunes) was based in south Germany and we painted the walls in the same color like the carpet. Basically it was the cheapest paint we could get. We called it the "blue room" and it was a very inspiring place, at least in the evenings where color doesn't matter.

At the same time bmd also had a 3 hour radio show on "Kanal Ratte" a free radio station in south Germany. We called the radio show "blue room" and we mixed our own songs with the big tunes of Jah Shaka, Mad Professor, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Alpha & Omega and others fitting into these kind of categories. Sounds strange? Not a bit, the Radio Show was appreciated by an increasing number of listeners.

From a abandoned Studio we could get some new tools and toys and formed with that the typical bmd sound.

We never played our music live and just before we wanted to do it, life goes on and both artists where looking for new challenges and bmd was dead. More than ten years bmd was not existing anymore but we met after some years to put all the stuff we had on good old DAT tapes to some CD's and maybe you attended a party and listened to a bmd tune without knowing it. This is because Cris was Djing a lot and never really let bmd go. However, it was not really dead but more like a long long pause.

While Cris was very successful in the drum&bass scene, running a record store and his own label, Mike never giving up making electronic music but concentrated more on sound system engineering for really big installations. By a fluke Cris and Mike met again and promised to continue what they have had started years ago. Both married by wonderful women supporting the resurrection of bmd by giving us the time to produce and being the most critical listeners. Both having the most important thing, the reason and sense of life, both having two beautiful children. Prepared with that - the show must go on!

The Equipment has improved now but keeping that special bmd sound is top priority. What was done in the past by the low budget Studio setup and dilettante cabling must now be reproduced in a complex and currently not finalized way.

We are very confident that we will publish on this webpage the new old bmd tunes soon.

all the best - bmd


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